Whirl Community Guidelines

Version: 6 July 2021


Whirl Platform is an on-demand market-based platform that connects EV shoppers with EV owners instantly so that EV shoppers can find quality information on EVs, book an informational session with an EV owner and receive real-world user feedback on EVs from EV owners. We are currently in the pre-launch testing and feedback phase of the Whirl Platform.


We are delighted to have you join us on this journey and we look forward to hearing from you about your experience using the Whirl Platform.


We have created the Community Guidelines below that we recommend all our EV shoppers and EV owners adhere to. These Community Guidelines are created to maintain the trustworthiness and reliability of the Whirl community, so that EV shoppers and EV owners are more likely to have a great and safe experience.


As we’re constantly refining our approach to meet the needs of our community, these Community Guidelines are a living document and therefore change from time to time. Thank you for joining us to support and safeguard a safe, respectful and positive environment.



EV shoppers and EV owners are responsible for screening, interviewing, and making their ultimate choice. Whirl does not accept any responsibility or risk whatsoever for users of the Whirl Platform or their acts or omissions. Where EV owners share their views, thoughts and opinions with an EV shopper, these are solely based on the EV owner’s personal opinion and experience and should not be considered as professional or other advice, recommendation or endorsement for any particular EV brand or product. Data collected from this pilot will be used to conduct analyses and research (including market research) and may be reported publicly as part of the pilot's research outcomes. All data used for the foregoing purpose will be aggregated and anonymized and no data will be reasonably identifiable. 

The Community Guidelines below help explain some of the specific kinds of behaviour we encourage. Please take a moment to read them. Whirl reserves the right to deny access to the Whirl Platform to those who violate our Community Guidelines.


1. Actively support each other and build trust

Help foster positive interactions during every experience. When you build positive relationships,you can actively help build a community that everyone can benefit form.


2. Be honest and follow the law

Regardless of whether you’re an EV shopper or an EV owner, always be truthful, genuine and upfront about yourself and your expectations regarding your situation. We are committed to following all applicable laws and we expect everyone who uses the Whirl Platform to do their part and adhere to relevant applicable laws.


3. Treat everyone with respect Be always respectful and stick to your word.

The actions you take while using the Whirl Platform can have an impact on others. Please exercise good judgment and behave decently towards other people when using the Whirl Platform and interacting with others in the Whirl community.


4. Communicate clearly and be reliable

Always be clear when communicating, and if plans need to change give as much notice as you possibly can.


5. Safety first

Do everything you can to ensure everyone is kept safe. Please conduct checks of EV shoppers and EV owners (as applicable) yourself.


Please share your feedback with us

If something happens, whether it’s good or bad, do not hesitate to let us know. We are continually improving our standards and your feedback is important so that we can take appropriate action as our technology evolves.


You can contact us at: hello@giveitawhirl.co