Whirl empowers you to transition your life to a clean energy future

What is Whirl?

You’re thinking about buying an electric car, but where do you start?

At Whirl, we support you on your electric car buying journey, from start to finish.


Our digital marketplace carefully steps out the process for you, making sure you have the information you need, when you need it, from sources you can trust.


Why we do it


Accelerating the transition to a clean economy is our mission and electric cars are an important step in making that societal shift. But, we also know there is A LOT to learn before you are ready to make the lifestyle change to EV.


With more than 50% of new car buyers thinking about an EV for their next car and most major automakers declaring the “end of the ICE (internal combustion engine) age”, we know the shift to e-mobility is coming. 



Our Inspiration

The real-world experience with an electric car is known to be the deciding factor for most people thinking of buying one. But, finding an EV to test out on your terms, without any sales pressure, can be a challenge. 


Inspired by the concept of “giving (something new) a whirl”, like the a little kid sharing a scooter with a friend, Whirl has created a marketplace that unlocks a new option for a real-world EV-experience.


How Whirl is Different

Whirl’s platform is peer-driven.


That means we leverage the lived experiences of customers who have taken the steps to buying an electric car. We empower you with their knowledge, experiences, tips, and real-life experiences to make sure you have it easier.

Whirl makes electric car shopping easy and accessible.

Our marketplace provides you with all the support you need on your shopping journey to help you build the confidence you need to buy an electric car - new or used - without ever stepping in a car dealership.

Whirl takes the complexity out of buying electric cars for little cost, accelerating the take up of electric vehicles, and enabling a faster transition to sustainable living.


Becoming part of 


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