Meet The Team

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Dr Alina Dini

Founder & CEO

Dr Alina Dini is Whirl's founder & CEO. Alina is a professional of 15 years in the energy, transport and sustainability sectors, from Silicon Valley. Alina completed her PhD in 2018 on clean technology customer experience, focusing on electric cars.


Alina is also expert in clean energy policy, sales and business development, starting back from her early days in the California State Govt and Tesla. In Australia, as a policy advisor, she authored some of the earliest policy pieces on the intersection of the energy and transport sectors, and as a State Sales Manager, signed multi-million dollar integrated energy solutions for leading Australian businesses. Alina is the Australia and New Zealand Chapter Chair and Founder of Women in EVs, a professional association of women in the electric vehicle sector.

Romy Mayer

Head of Operations & Technology

Romy is a professional performance race engineer, whose expertise is in optimising engineering performance and presenting analytics. She has travelled the world as an award-winning engineer and a public promoter of organisations for women in STEM and female entrepreneurs. She is also a talented digital marketer and loves the opportunity electric cars offer.

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Aleesha Rodriguez

Head of Market Research & Customer Experience

Aleesha is finishing her PhD in digital communication and is an expert in digital research methods and public communication on digital platforms. Aleesha likes to explore customer feedback for product refinement and is passionate about Whirl's peer community and potential for gamification.