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Join Futuring Orange at the

The Orange Electric Vehicle Experience 

Saturday 13th November 2021


Orange Regional Museum, NSW

Want to Test Ride an EV?

This event not only gives you the opportunity to talk to an EV-owner about their EV journey but also do an EV test ride! 

Whirl is the designated delivery partner for this event, hosting the EV test ride booking experience.

Test rides will be available for anyone interested. You may book a time in advance to secure your slot or queue on the day. Bookings are arranged by EV models and can be booked for a 15-minute slot, between 10am and 1:30pm. You will receive a booking confirmation and will have the option to cancel or reschedule conveniently from you phone.

Are you an EV owner and would like to share your experience, knowledge, tips and ticks of owning and operating an EV with other to help them on their EV journey?

Be part of the event

Participate by bringing your EV for display or to offer test rides!