Futuring Orange EV Experience 2021

All Drivers & Passengers:


1. I agree to follow the directions of the event organisers, marshals and vehicle owners at all times.


2. I acknowledge that my ticket does not guarantee entry to a vehicle, I may be refused entry at the discretion of the vehicle owner.


3. I agree to exit the vehicle in an orderly manner when and where requested by the vehicle owner, providing it is safe to do so.


4. I will not take food or drink into a vehicle.


5. I am not currently ill, and I will inform the event organisers if I become sick with an illness that may affect other people on the day.


6. I acknowledge that there are risks involved with participating in this event, and I release and hold harmless Futuring Orange, its members, employees and agents (including Give it a Whirl Pty Ltd) from any and all liability for any loss, damage, injury, or expense incurred against me.