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Join Charge Ahead, the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) and the Tesla Owners Club Australia (TOCA) at: 

The Logan Electric Vehicle Experience 

Saturday 20th November 2021

10am - 2pm

Logan Central Community Center, QLD

We invite everyone to join our community event to discover what it’s like to own and drive an electric vehicle - with a range of vehicles on display and the opportunity for test rides!

What are electric vehicles? How do you charge them? How far do they go? What can they tow? How fast are they? How are they helping clean up our air and lower emissions? How much do they cost and what can be done to make them more affordable for everyone? 


 Come along and ask a local EV owner why they made the switch and find out more. There will be a range of electric cars on display, everything from Teslas to more affordable second hand EVs, and cars that have been converted from petrol to electric.


 Most importantly you’ll have the opportunity to do an EV test ride! Go for a spin and find out why they call it the EV grin.

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Want to Test Ride an EV?

This event not only gives you the opportunity to talk to an EV-owner about their EV journey but also do an EV test ride! 

Whirl is the designated delivery partner for this event, hosting the EV test ride booking experience.

Test rides will be available for anyone interested on the day. You may book a time in advance to secure your slot or queue on the day.

Bookings will be soon available here. Drop your email below and you'll be the first to know when bookings are open!

Are you an EV owner and would like to share your experience, knowledge, tips and ticks of owning and operating an EV with other to help them on their EV journey?

Be part of the event

Participate by bringing your EV for display or to offer test rides!